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Skott Lloyd

Skottie has been playing guitar since he was concieved in his mothers womb. He lives for music and music lives for him. Some of his hobbies include BMXing, hockey, making love, and singing in our fan-tabulouse band. Hopefully Skott's future in music will not be set asside due to an arranged marrage to his sister Andrea. He gives the band its lyrical inspiration and style. Some of his favorite bands include; The Used, Alexisonfire, Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, and Elton John.


Craig Morse

Craig Morse loves guitar more then his extremely attractive mother. He brings lots of wikid solos to the table along with a good part of the song writing. Some of Craigs hobbies are rolling blunts in the hot summers eve, studying Greek Mythologie, drinking gin, and playing rugby. This bio wouldnt be complete with out mentioning his love for the female anatomy, however whipped he may be. Craig likes to listen to; Megadeth, Metallica, Alexisonfire and an assorted array of independent guitarists.


Lowg Hart

Logan Hart is a refugee from a distant land where the only instruments are drums. He grew up eating, sleeping, and obviously playing drums. His hobbies include playing hockey and rugby, eating kraft dinner , running his pottery barn( which is secretly a whore house), and blazin'. His favorite bands include; soulfly, a perfect circle, Pantera and the boobie traps. S.W.E.D.


Pierce Kelly

Pierce Kelly is possibly the most original and peculiar person on the face of the Earth. Pierce brings alot of the originality to the band. Some have came to the conclusion that his bass beats are the background music to his inner soul. Some of Pierces hobbies are; basketball, outdoorsmanship, lady killing, and roasting green embers. Pierces listens to many genres of music, ranging from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, to Pantera and Slayer.