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The history of Freedom 35 all starts back in October of 2003. This is when three dudes from Berwick met a girl, --boy from Kingston. They met at their high school of West Kings. They all liked Metallica and decided to jam one sunday afternoon. Shortly after this time they found them selves playing at Westock 2003 about two weeks later. The band consists of Craig Morse (Lead Guitar), Skott Lloyd (Guitar & Vocals), Logan Hart (Drums) and Pierce Kelly (Bass). Skott, Logan and Pierce jammed together alot with no singing, untill one day when all four guys got together, Skott just decided to sing, scream and yell. Freedom 35 is a mixture of alot of music styles, with many different bands as influences. One wouldnt think there would be a specific name to categorize the band. Others would just call it rock, metal, grungey vocals and some alternative crazyness. The band is writing songs, playing lots and is always looking for more gigs. Thats it!